You’ve been Elfed!

As I was cleaning out my son’s bedroom a few months back, getting rid of the things he no longer uses we decided to part with some almost new board games (among other things of course). I took 2 bags full of stuff to Goodwill but couldn’t seem to part with those board games. I mean honestly they were pretty new only used a few times if even. Not missing one single piece. So I stacked them in the hallway and they have been there ever since.

As Christmas rolls around I’ve noticed these You’ve been Elfed ideas on pinterest. The concept being that you do something nice for your neighbors by leaving a treat at their door with a printed note then knocking and running before they see you. When they find it they make copies of the  note then cut and hang the elf on their door letting others know they have been elfed. They then choose 2 neighbors who have not been elfed and  do the same for them. The process continues with each person repeating the kind act.

Well I don’t know but I’m not to comfortable with leaving sweets outside at someone’s door not knowing how long before they are found. I also don’t know how others will feel about eating something they have no idea where it came from. Yet I loved the idea of doing a small act of kindness for my neighbors but decided I would use the printable and instead of using sweet treats I would leave a board game at two of my neighbors doors for their children.

The way I see it Christmas break is this week and these board games will get a good use. Who knows where they would have ended up if they would have been left at the good will. I’m sure the parents will be thankful and the kids will love the mystery of wondering who left it.

I went online and found a printable with a Poem, instructions for them to follow, and an elf for them to color and hang. I waited till 6 right when it got dark outside, I placed the board game and Poem right in front of their door, knocked as hard as I could, and ran back inside my house. It is easy for me because we live in town homes and I chose the neighbors on either side of me so I didn’t have to worry about running to far.

I walked out to the car and found the boys of one of my neighbors talking by the door saying “This is weird, they left us a game board, we don’t know who it was.”  They were so excited it made me smile. I played along and asked to see the board game and paper. They were all laughs, giggles and excitement, telling me exactly what happened.

I guess I didn’t knock hard enough at the other neighbors door because I walked out to use the phone and they had not found their surprise yet. As I was out there though they happened to be leaving and found it as they walked out of the house. I got to see their excitement and smiles as they read their note and looked around in excitement to see if anyone else had been elfed.

It was a great way to get into the Christmas spirit.

The black and white elf and instructions were found online. They have several different version you can choose from. I hope you all decided to give it a try and spread some cheer.



I was sooooo excited to spot a few of these up in my complex. Maybe next Christmas it will spread a bit more. Can’t wait to try it again.



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