Happy 1 year Blogiversary to me!!!

They say time really flies when you are having fun! Last week I hit the one year mark. I have been dealing with so much lately I read my email, dismissed it and then almost forgot. Tonight it finally hit me. I can’t believe it has been a year now since I decided to start my own blog.

It all started to post reviews for sites like influenster and BzzAgent. I really wasn’t sure what I was doing or how to even begin. Let’s be honest I’m still learning here.

Along the way I’ve decided that while yes I love reviewing products and will continue  to do so, I want this blog to be about me. My love for couponing, a way to display my creativity and love for all things crafting and DIY, a place to show off my family, friends and my love for hosting and gatherings with them all , a place to share and vent about my Hypothyroid & and my journey trying to regain my health, a place where I can share my thoughts and opinions, some where to share my life and passion as a Mother, Wife, and Homemaker. I hope to entertain, relate and engage with my readers.

I am still learning, growing, and deciding my direction and what’s next to come in both life and my blogging journey. Thank you to those who have read and even commented. I’m very excited to see what’s next and even more excited to keep things going. I may not keep up as often as I would like but I’ll start doing my best to post more frequently. I appreciate every view, every comment, every like, and every share. I am looking forward to welcoming new followers and more importantly to hearing from and meeting more of my followers. I truly hope some of you out there are enjoying my blog.

Who knows maybe I’ll even celebrate with a giveaway next week. I’ll  keep you all posted. Once again Thank you for reading.

KarlyBaby ❤


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