My thyroid hates me!

I’ve been dealing with having Hypothyroidism for over 5 yrs now. Not only am I obsessive compulsive about cleaning and well almost everything, but I’m also a very big control freak. My thyroid is nothing I can control and this drives me insane. I’m struggling with Doctors and actually being heard. After initially finding out my doctor was great at listening and for some time things started to get better. I finally felt normal and back in control. Is it crazy to say I really miss her? Since my move I have changed doctors 3 times. Feeling awful, out of control, and so un heard. I am a mother and a wife and no matter what I manage to keep moving. Caring for My family and home will always be top priority. No matter how awful I feel, the needs of my family and home will always come first. People have no idea my everyday struggle, they only see the side affects, mostly they sure do see and notice the uncontrolled weight gain. Today another doctors visit. This time if I am not happy then it’s time for another Doc change. Ugh.. I really dread these days…
Good Morning and great Tuesday to you all.


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