An Inpromptu 4th of July

This year we really did not make any plans for the 4th of July. It actually seemed like it just crept up on us suddenly out of no where. We did try to rent a room at the beach last min, Ha what a laugh. In Miami everything is book and if there is anything available, well let’s just say those inflated prices are no joke.

Thursday night we decided to invite a Cousin and her boyfriend which is a very good friend of ours over for 4th of July. Another Couple/friends text me 4th of July early morning since they had no plans we invited them over as well. We thought everyone already had plans but I guess not, now everyone was invited. So it was a last min impromptu Pool day & BBQ at our house.

I quickly seasoned some Ribs and chicken, boiled some corn, sliced some watermelon, and at the Mr.’s request I made a chilli dip. Of course every one agreed to bring something so Food wise we were covered. Luckily with our group of Family and Friends everyone is always willing to help. Now I had to try to set something up and make things look a bit festive.

4th of july Yarn wreath

Front door was already decorated with my old trusty Pool noodle Yarn Wreath turned Patriotic. I used blue tissue paper, a scrap piece of red ribbon, and scrap white paper painted silver, nothing major  and oh so simple and I think it turned out very cute.

I cleaned up the house in a hurry while the boys were getting a hair cut. I then decided I wanted an outdoor event so I quickly dragged my dinning table out to the back and told every one to bring beach chairs if they had any.

I could not just leave the table plain of course so I pulled out another red picnic themed table cover from the Dollar tree and pulled out the chalkboard and sign from Fathers day weekend, some roses, a mason jar with sparklers, and some candles and decorated the table.

4th of july table set up

something so simple and quick but it really did help make things party official. Oh yes and I wanted Something a bit more Patriotic so I ran to the Dollar Tree and found a 3 pack of Flags and added one to my roses.

4th of july table set up 2

I took some toys out for the kids, some frisbees, nerf balls, and Angry Bird can Game I made for my son a few years back. They kids seemed to love the Angry Bird cans especially my nephew you can see the cans scattered in the top picture and my nephew setting them up in the background in the second picture.

DIY Angry Birds Game

I made this little game one year for Christmas for my son. I really loved and enjoyed them. He even named them and had me write their names on the top of each.This was a fun project and were actually so simple and fun to make.It’s always a hit with the kids when I bring them out.

I also cleared my  kitchen desk covered it with a picnic blue table-cloth from Dollar tree and set it up with cups, plates, food, and added a Flag to my utensil mason jar to make it festive as well. I was busy tending to people so I didn’t get a picture of it, or very many pictures of the day for that matter but I have to say that for something that was not planned with the help of every one pitching in the day was a success.

The Mr. Grilled, everyone brought food, drinks, beers, We jumped in the pool late evening and enjoyed a few hours of swimming, then grilled some more and the fireworks lasted well into the night.





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