Father’s day 2015

My son had the idea to throw a BBQ to celebrate the beginning of summer. A Father’s day BBQ seemed like the perfect idea. So in the spirit of celebrating the first day of summer we decided to host a Pot Luck styled BBQ at the beach on sat.

I love Facebook Event invites. It makes it so easy to invite everyone without needing to mail anything. It’s also helps with making plans as a whole group, posting questions and info about the event for everyone to see, sending reminders, and even has a map to help people arrive to the location.


Father’s Day 2015

To set up for the BBQ I went to dollar tree where I found a nice selection of BBQ/Picnic themed party supplies. I purchased a table-cloth, ketchup and mustard bottles, and some doilies. I then visited Micheal’s which had a 60% off sale on what seemed like every thing at the store and found a mason jar $.50, chalkboard $2.19, and BBQ sign $2.00. We also went to Martinez in Doral where we usually purchase our meat and found a special on a 40 lb box of chicken quarters for $15. I then of course couponed for hotdogs, buns, kids juices, and waters. Every one pitched in and there was an abundance of food and drinks.



Saturday was a typical very hot yet beautiful Miami day. We spent it at Virginia Key beach. We love it there. It is a perfect family oriented area with cute little tiki huts, a park for the children (which wasn’t there anymore this particular sat) a basketball court, volley ball net and lots of trees for shade.


Father and Son 2015

We enjoyed the food and of course the company. I had found a  chalkboard sign for $1.27 at Wal-Mart which we used to write “Best Dad Ever” on and used it as a prop for the perfect photo opp of the Father’s and their children.

After a very long and hot saturday we slept in on sunday and spent a very low-key day at home. We lounged around in our pjs then headed to Denny’s for brunch and came back home for some more lounging around. Of course I also managed to run out for some errands.


Later on that night I invited my MIL over for dinner and we enjoyed a delicious home cooked meal. BBQ RIbs, oven baked potatoes, salad, and potato rolls.


My son then gave his Dad a thoughtful gift of several grilling utensils and a homemade card. Dad really enjoyed it. We enjoyed dinner some great convo and then he was ready for his last surprise. For dessert his favorite Ice Cream Cake. Home made Ice Cream Cake that is.



A very simple and very delicious Home made Ice Cream Cake. I used A box of great value ice cream sandwiches, a tub of great value cool whip and a $1 cup of mini Oreos. Way more budget friendly then those expensive Carvel ice cream cakes. It was a hit.
All in all we enjoyed a wonderful celebration on sat with family and friends, and a cozy sunday at home with his Mom. I can say this was a very succesful budget friendly Father’s day.


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