Renuzit Pearl Scents Beautiful Air by Design

I am all about aromatheraphy. I love using candles, infusers, incense, anything to keep my home smelling great and feeling refreshed.

renuzit pearl scents

You can imagine my thrill when I recieved Renuzit Pearl Scents to tryout and review earlier this month.

The new Renuzit Pearl Scents beautiful air by design comes in 5 wonderful scents and colors to match any home decor and personality.

Blue Sky Breeze
Sparkling Rain
Seductive Pineapple

Renuzit Pearl Scents are odor neutralizers which fill your home with the refreshing scent for weeks. What I love most is that there is no need to turn anything on or switch anything out. Just remove the seal, replace the lid, and enjoy the lovely aroma for weeks. Another great thing about them is that they match any mood and decor.


The cute design on the outside label can be removed to reveal the colored beads which makes it look very chick and blends in with any room decor. The grey lid also has a very chick design.

At first glance I was very happy with the design compared to regular cone airfresheners.


Upon opening the box I could instantly smell a hint of The Blue Sky Breeze. The scent was heavenly and I hadn’t even opened the jar yet. I removed the seal partially and the lovely fragrence rushed me instanly. I have had the jar in my livingroom for almost a month now and the jar is still full of beads and the scent is still as strong as day one. My favorite part is how long lasting they are.


Renuzit also has a fun little “pearlsonality” quiz that you can take to see which Renuzit Pearl Scent is perfect for you.
 photo CDI1o_vUMAAT5Rk.png large.png

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If you’d like to learn more about Renuzit Pearl Scents and the other products that Renuzit makes you can visit the Renuzit website and “like” them on Facebook.

 *Disclosure: The Renuzit brand provided me with a sample of Renuzit Pearl Scents in excange for a product review. However, all the opinions expressed here are 100% my own.


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