ZepCleansters.. Thank you Crowdtap


After a week of mopping around with a horrible cold I received this package from Crowdtap with my Samples of Zep cleaning products and I couldn’t be any more excited to try out the product.

Still under the weather but feeling a bit better I pick my self up and got to cleaning and airing out the whole house. God forbid the son or Fiance suddenly became sick as well. The last thing I needed was to have to throw on my nurse hat and have to take care of a anyone.


I started my cleaning spree with the
Quick Clean Disinfectant.  I sprayed every counter and cabinet door with it let it sit for a bit over 5 seconds as per the directions and then wiped it all with a clean damp cloth. I then proceeded to spray and wipe glass and table sufaces  in my livingroom. I just wanted to make sure to cover every inch of the house to avoid the sickness spreading.  Lastly I took a separate bottle into both bathrooms and sprayed the counters and toilets and wiped with a separate clean damp cloth.


Tired but already on a roll I decided to head back to the kitchen and give the All-Around Cleaner & Degreaser a go. So I sprayed my toaster oven, microwave and stove top with it and let it sit for about a min or two the wiped it with clean damp cloth.

Here is a my toaster oven before Zep:


And here it is after Zep:


Keep in mind I have only wiped my toaster over with a damp rag  since we started using it almost 2 yr ago. So no Zep isn’t a miracle cleaner and my toaster over doesn’t look brand new but it is clean and the difference is noticeable.  It is also much better then using those harsh oven cleaners that almost cause you to pass out from the fumes. I am pleased with the results.
As far as the Quick Clean Disinfectant I am very happy to report that even after my horrible cold was long gone the guys have yet to even sniffle. I belive Zep helped kill the cold and flu viruses preventing anyone else in the household from become sick. I am one happy recovered Mommy and Wife.

*This is a sponsored post the Zep products were provided to me by Crowdtap for testing purposes. The review and opinions on this post are all my own.


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