Asking for Help and Prayers for Our Family…

My Dear followers,

 I sit here with a very heavy heart. On Nov. 11th My Brother in law’s Mother suffered a brain hemorrhage while vacationing in Germany with her Husband and family. She has been in intensive care in an induced coma. The treatment and recovery process will be a long hard road.


Mrs. America Canas is a woman with such a beautiful heart, very loving, very happy, So loved by her family and every one she meets. My sister and brother in law were just recently blessed with the birth of their first child. Unfortunately Mrs America Canas was away on her trip and has not had the pleasure of meeting this wonderful addition to our family.


I am joining the family in asking for your prayers. Please pray that the Lord grants us the miracle of a full recovery and allows her to be brought back home soon so that she can meet and enjoy they blessing of her new Grandchild. At this time I also want to ask for your help. The Family is facing an enoumous amount of bills, such as Medical Expenses, Shelter and Basic necesities for family members that are by her side. If you can find it in your heart to reach out and help the Family during this hard time it would be greatly appreciated. Please feel free to repost and share.. Thank you all

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