Purex Crystals Aromatherapy Review


I am a big Fan of Purex. So when I was researching Blogging communities and found Purex Insiders I was so excited. This is my first review for them. For this program I recieved:


A bottle of the  Purex Aromatherapy Crystals in Well Being, 3 free product coupons to giveaway and instructions for the program.
Purex Crystals Aromatherapy is  a scent booster for your laundry and comes in three Amazing scents: Well Being, Energy, and Serenity.  It is enhanced with essential oils. This stuff really smells incredible.
I couldn’t wait till laundry day so I gave it a try on my favorite blanket. You know that fluffy blanket you keep on the couch so you can snuggle up with after a long day. Like so:


The day my package arrived I had a couple friends over for a late lunch. So I took advantage of the moment and used them to help me review the product. Yay!!!


OK now it’s time to wash blankie. 🙂 I did say I was a Purex fan so I do have a stash of Purex laundry detergent which I used in combination with my crystals. As soon as you open the Purex Crystals the wonderful flowery aroma rushes out. The instructions are simple. Pour as much or as little as you want.


The freshness is said to last for weeks so I guess it depends on how big your load is or what you are washing. As for me I love to snuggle in clean freshly washed sheets that smell great, I would probably add a bit extra. For my blanket I used just enough for a small load but a bit extra so that I can enjoy the scent.

When my blanket was washed and dried it smelled amazing. The ladies agreed and  loved it. So much so in fact that they wanted to keep my sample and blanket, so rather then host a giveaway my 2 lovely assistants for the day each recieved a free product coupon. A case of being in the right place at the right time. Such Lucky ladies no pictures because they are Blog shy lol  but needless to say they were both very excited. The last coupon was mailed to my sister who just had a baby. I am very sure she will enjoy her free Purex Crystals. Sometimes just sitting down and relaxing with a great smelling blanket is all a new mommy needs. It has now been a week since the last time I washed my blanket and sheets using Purex Crystals and I have to say my sheets and I have to say the sent has lingered all week.


To learn more about the Pure Crystal Aromatherapy and the whole line of Purex Products, you can visit their website or to keep up with the latest news,  follow them on  twitter or like them on face book.

*The Purex Brand provided me with a sample of Purex Crystals Aromatherapy in exchange for a product review. However, all the opinions expressed here are my own.


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