Sweet Reassurance


After a rough day the day before my son knocks on the door after school. When I open the door, he says ” For you mi Corazón” and hands me the flowers pictured above . In that moment my heart melts and I’m filled with so much pride.

The day before was a rough one for me. One of those days where you’re just so exhausted and feel so unappreciated.  As I have mentioned in a previous posts I have Hypothyroidism which leads me to feel fatigued all the time. It’s hard between the fatigue and the urge to clean everything I’m in constant turmoil with myself. So I am a bit jumpy and snap on both hubs and son often.

These Teenage years are rough. The struggle to fit in at this age is so hard for so many of them. With the added pressure on my son of leaving all his childhood friends behind and moving to a new state to start a new school, Middle school at that. It has not been easy for him. Thankfully I have been blessed with the opportunity to be there for him through it all.

My son has grown and changed so much. This year has brought on all the characteristics of your typical teenager. Hunger, laziness, sleepiness, messiness, mood swings and oh the dreaded know it all attitude. There have been some very trying times lately. Yet no matter what he is a such a gentlemen. He realizes his wrongs and does not hesitate to say I’m sorry, tries to correct them, or he simply says I love you.

Here is the thing, just when I have my doubts he reassures me that If I have failed at everything else in my life, devoting myself to motherhood has been my greatest accomplishment and I would not change a thing.


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