Redbook Party

             Last weekend I hosted a Redbook party. The original party date was the 13th but due to some unforeseen circumstances the party was postpone until the 20th. The saturday of the party was a very rainy day, unfortunately not all my guest were able to attend,  those who did attend made it at different times. I was still fortunate enough to enjoy a nice day with some lovely Women.

        For the party I set up a small snack bar which consisted of  homemade Nutella cupcakes, pound cake, and a delicious Pink Lemonade punch infused with Strawberries and Lemons. Yum!!! The Beauty bar had tons of samples for the ladies to enjoy. The Beauty bar consisted of L’ORÉAL París Revitalift  Miracle Blur instant eye smoother and skin smoother, L’ORÉAL lip gloss 106 fuchsia orchestra, L’ORÉAL Paris Advanced Hair Care shampoo/ Conditioner samples in Triple Resist (which included a $2 coupon) and Total Repair 5 ( which included Damage Erasing Balm), A redbook Magazine, And all the information about the products printed from During the party we sampled the Miracle Blur Eye Smoother and lip gloss, discussed articles in the magazine, and overall enjoyed a ladies day in.

             Below  I will include a before and after picture of my personal results with the Miracle Blur. The difference may be subtle but very noticeable. It is a great product and it really does uplift those tired eyes. I have to say every one loved the lip gloss as well. I was not to sure of the color at first but once we tried it on I realized it does look great and best of all it looks good on different skin tones. Surprisingly It is long-lasting and there is no need to constantly reapply. Everyone also received a free one year subscription to Redbook. I have to say our little happy hour was a success. Yay me!!! Until next time ladies. #gotitfree all thanks to




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