I don’t think I have mentioned this before but I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism about 3 or 4 years ago. It has been a hell of a roller coaster ride since then. Finding the right doctor who understands and cares has proven to be hard. When I was diagnosed I had a great Doctor. She explained everything, took her time with me, and really understood and kept me positive. Eventually I moved to a different state and unfortunately I couldn’t pack her up and bring her with me. hmph… Since my move between having to get insured and finding a doctor things havent been easy. I am on the 2nd doctor now. Praying that things are good and different with this one as opposed to the one I recently left.

Now with all that said here I am on another sleepless night or should I say morning being it is now 6 am. I don’t know why I have such a hard time sleeping. This has become an every night thing. Despite not being able to sleep I am sooooo very tired all the time. You would think that since I’m so fatigued I would fall asleep as soon as my head touches the pillow. Negative!!! of course not instead I am up all night tossing and turning. Wishing I could just fall asleep.

This bring me to the reason for my post. When I cant sleep I begin to think. It’s an awful thing because a million and one thoughts race through my mind at 100 mph. I think of everything I didn’t do, everything I did do, I think of every single one of my family members, all the calls I should make, how I am such a horrible mom who keeps threatening my son about his grades yet forgets everyday to go on the parent portal to check his grades ( I have become so forgetful), how the Mr’s birthday is in Dec and I really need to start planning for Christmas and his Birthday.The list of thoughts goes on. Tonight I couldn’t stop thinking about how I really want to grow my blog. I could really use this as an outlet for so many things. I love to share my life, my thoughts, my interest. So the moral of this story is I really need to stop slacking and start trying to do a post daily.

Which brings me to my next post a sponsored post about the

NEWLY DESIGNED! Cassani Fogless Shower Mirror

Looking forward to setting it up and sharing my thoughts with you all. Now it is time for me to rest now. Big day today.. I will be hosting my Redbook Party courtesy of today. I’ll post about it soon. Goodnight!!!


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