Home and Travel First Aid Kit How To

So being that I am a couponer there was this really great deal on Snapware at my Local publix a while back. Making them Completely free so I picked up a few.


The above picture is not mine I found it on the Internet just an example. The Snapware I bought was the $2.49 one.  We’ll being that it’s not big I really never use them. So I decided to turn them into small First Aid Kits (3 to be exact). I keep one in each bathroom of our house and one in the car’s glove compartment.


So first I purchased Band-Aids my favorite are the waterproof tough-strips so I bought one  box of those and another with different sizes. Then divided them evenly into the 3 First Aid Kits.


I then added a pocket sanitizer to each Kit. I love these little things so I have a bunch around the house. Lol


I also added these Dollar tree tweezers because well we all know how painful those splinters can be. Doesn’t hurt to be prepared. 


While at Dollar tree I picked up this pack of cotton rounds. I used 3 sandwich bags and put 10 rounds in each and added it to the kits.


Lastly… I recieved this Neo to go in my TLCVOXBOX from at Influenster complimentary for testing purposes. It’s the perfect size so I added it to my glove compartment first aid kit. Great thing because days later my son fell while running to the car during pick up at school and I had my kit at hand. šŸ™‚


I wiped it clean with a cotton round and a tad bit of sanitizer then sprayed the neo to go on it for a couple of days. I am pleased to say days later.


Wow…  just like New!!! =) 

Very Pleased with my Neo to Go #NeoReady and my DIY first aid Kits.
Do you have a First Aid Kit? DIY or Store bought? What do u keep in yours?


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