DIY Easter Basket for my nephew

We bought some Blue Bunny ice cream at Walmart in a bucket. When I went to recycle the bucket I remembered Easter is right around the corner. I decided this would make the perfect Easter basket.


I first spray painted the outside of it all white and let it air dry. I then did a second coat and let it air dry. I didn’t want to spray paint the inside but I’m sure you can if u please. Once the basket was dry and the blue bunny label was not showing through. I pick my acrylic paint colors and decided I would paint stripes.



I was going to leave the handle as is in blue but realized it got some white spary paint on it so I touched it up with some bright blue. Thought of painting the inside all the way down but left it as is. I then sprayed it with clear coat to give it a glossy more finished look.




This is the end . .  I added a $.97 chalkboard egg sticker from Walmart and a construction paper chick to the front of it. I added tissue paper as a liner and easter grass to the inside. I decided to fill the basket with bath supplies and bath toys as he will only be turning 6 months old now in April. He loves his bath time. 🙂 So many possibilities with these Blue Bunny baskets. HAPPY EASTER!!!


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