Overwhelmed with Emotions


March 2nd I received an early Birthday gift in the form of a phone call. My sister called as the family and I were visiting with my Brother in law and celebrating his birthday. I really can’t remember the whole conversation, it seems to be a complete blurr but I clearly remember hearing at some point “Your going to be an Aunt.” I was instantly filled with emotion.

I started to tear up. I cried.. yes I cried!! I’ve been blessed to have had friends with children who call me Tia or TiTi. To them I am their aunt and I love them so very much. Recently we were blessed with the birth of my brother in Laws gorgeous baby boy who i just adore and can’t seem to get enough of. I am already an Aunt and have always been an Aunt to such wonderful children.

This news is different though. I have enjoyed experiencing my Brother and Sister’s love and affection for my son. He has been so lucky and so blessed to be so loved and spoiled by them both. I have been anxiously and patiently waiting to be able to do the same with their children. It might sound crazy but I have dreamed of their children (my future nieces and nephews)  and loved them without them even being conceived. To finally hear my sister tell me she is pregnant goes in the books as one of my happiest moments.

I am so mixed with emotions right now. I am so excited,  & extremely happy,  yet so very sad at the same time. I was 19 when I was pregnant with my son. My sister and I have always been like oil and water, & living together was impossible when younger, yet there was no doubt that although we fought with eachother we definitely had eachothers back against the rest of the world. I was grouchy and grumpy during my pregnancy towards my sister. Haha I don’t know why. My sister on the other hand showered me with attention and spoiled me with lots of pampering, a whole new wardrobe when I cried because I didn’t fit into my clothes anymore, & she went all out and threw me the most beautiful baby shower I have ever been too. ( I’m totally not being bias of course) My sister was so incredible during my pregnancy.  The memories sadden me because I want nothing more then to enjoy every moment, every milestone of her pregnancy with her. I want to spoil her, pamper her, help her, go with her to her sonogram,  feel my niece/nephew/both kicking in her belly. I want to experience her mood swings, share her cravings, be the first at the hospital. I don’t want to miss a thing.

The problem is she is so faaaaaarrr away.  I am so emotional. I’ve cried everytime I think of the good news, and then again every time I realize the distance. So now I have to come up with a plan,  a plan to visit her atleast  twice, and call everyday, but most importantly pamper the New Parents to be from a far. Any suggestions?


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