My Wreath Creations

       So in October I took my son’s Pool noodle and wrapped it in yarn to make our Halloween wreath. Didn’t have to spend a penny since I used what I already had. =) Here’s how it turned out:
For a first time wreath I think it came out very nice. So Being that I ♥ed how it turned out I decided I would try to redo the wreath and give it a fall theme. Here we go:

I was so happy with the end results. This time it was my first time making Felt flowers, to my surprise it was so easy to make them. The best part being once again my cost was $0.00!!! Yay me!!! =D Ok so why not keep it going and give it a Winter make over??? Ha challenge accepted!!!!
I did plan on going to Michael’s to see what I can buy but was I bored one friday night and decided to use what I could find in my stash at home. I am very pleased. . I do feel like it might be missing something. I’ll figure it out soon.
I’m so Happy with all 3 looks and love that I don’t have to purchase separate wreaths every season. What a space saver. Very cost-effective for me and oh so “Green”. Hope everyone loves them as much as I do.

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