My Lovely Influenster RoseVoxBox

So a few weeks ago I received my second VoxBox from INFLUENSTER. I  have not had the time to sit down and  post my review but here I am finally getting around to it. =)


I was so excited to receive it. Here is what it looked like. I knew this was going to be a good one. I had lots of fun reviewing this VoxBox. Here is the card with a summary of all the great products  I received.



Unfortunately I was not lucky enough  to receive the VitaBath but after reading the reviews on it from other Influensters I do plan on purchasing it for myself.

Now for my break down of each product. I’ll start with the Lindt Lindor Milk Chocolate Truffles. Of course I love love love anything that involves chocolate. =) It is definitely my down fall.


These little truffles are so delicious. A small piece of heaven. lol They are so smooth and creamy. The chocolate is so rich. The cream centers give just enough flavor to accent but not over do the wonderful chocolate. Needless to say I give them 2 thumbs up. Although that one little Truffle was such a tease. haha Good thing it did come with $1 off coupon.

Next is the belVita Breakfast Biscuits. They are certainly not something I would have ever purchased before my RoseVoxBox. I do Have to say I am so glad I was able to try them because I will most likely be purchasing the now.


I enjoyed my Blueberry belVita early on a saturday morning before my errands with a mug of Almond Milk. The  Blueberry Biscuits were very flavorful. They were so tasty, crunchy, and oh so filling. These are perfect for a quick on the go breakfast or and afternoon snack. They really do keep you full till your next meal. I really enjoyed them and look forward to purchasing the various flavors they have to offer.

Moving along to the beauty aspect of my VoxBox. This is the Kiss Gradation Polish Kit in Gold.


The set includes three polishes formulated to blend perfectly into a gradient. I love that there is no makeup sponge necessary. The steps are so easy to follow even a beginner can get great results on the first try. The colors blend well and your nails turn out great every time. I love that you can also play with the colors and use them separately if you choose to. This product does exactly what it claims and I highly recommend trying them out.

Next is one of my favorite in this VoxBox ( next to the chocolate of course lol )  This Rimmel London Scandeleyes Retro Glam Mascara just came out in stores this November and I was so excited to have the opportunity  to try it out before hand. I do plan on posting a separate review of this product next.


The application is easy and always clump free, so your lashes don’t look goopy. I absolutely love the shape of the applicator, the hour-glass shape gives lashes a fuller look. The rich black color is great, it really opens up the eyes and makes them pop . The product adds Volume and Length to your lashes. I am in love with the deep, dark, dramatic results. Another two thumbs up here.

And now lastly… Dr. Scholl’s Cozy Cushions. These could not have come at a better time.


I have recently moved back to Miami from Georgia. These really won’t do me any good here in this Sunshine state weather but luckily I was heading  to visit my Parents for Thanksgiving. I never find shoes in my size, so I always end up buying a size up to get the shoes I want. These lovely boots and many others were purchased in Ga and of course a size bigger as always. When I wear them I can’t walk around to much because my feet tend to hurt from sliding  around inside the shoe and they really have no cushion in them. So I was off to Ga with my Cozy cushion inserts and my boots. I am so happy with this product. It filled out my boots so they don’t fit big any more and add cushion to the boots so I can enjoy my boots on for as long as i want. I also LOVE the cozy aspect of them. They sure did keep my feet cozy and warm in the cold Ga weather.

I received these products Complimentary from INFLUENSTER for testing purposes. For those of you not familiar with INFLUENSTER it is a site were you join upon asking for an invitation. You then do small surveys and tasks to unlike the badges you choose. These badges give them insight the things that interest you. As your INFLUENSTER score goes up you will be pick to participate in different VoxBoxs depending on the badges you have unlocked. WHen you receive your boxes you complete the tasks and reviews requested for each product to increase your chances of receiving your next VoxBox.  Products are always full size and best of all complimentary. I love being an INFLUENSTER, love the products, and Love the prizes and rewards I have received for all my participation.


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