Babyboy and I

Babyboy and I

Today I sit here as my son sleeps peacefully and think WOW how time has flown by. My baby is all grown up. Going in to his teens, and boy is that such a scary thought. The baby days are over and man how I can tell all the changes. Believe me  at times I really miss those baby days.  Thankfully I have been so blessed to be able to enjoy him as he grows up, being able to revolve my life, my work, and everything around him and his needs, with the help of an amazing support system and I wouldn’t have it any other way. My parents, my siblings, and my closest friends have truly been a back bone and helping hand, I wouldn’t have been so lucky without their support. I am so grateful and thankful for each and  every one of them. Without them I would not have been able to enjoy every single moment of my son’s life as he grows.

It has not been easy , it has been a very bumpy ride but I am not complaining. It has been completely worth it. The bond my son and I have formed is unbreakable. He knows I am here for him, he is able to confide in me, he asks for my help when needed, He talks to me openly in ways I couldn’t with my own parents when i was growing up, I am honored that he knows our bond and holds it as close to heart as I do.  I can not complain too much as he has always been such a great kid ( and I’m totally not being Bias ). In Life you have many accomplishments but I can say one of my greatest accomplishments has been him. I have given my all so I can be the best mother I could be to him, by any means I am not perfect and have made many mistakes along the way but I can honestly say I have done anything right in my life it has been being the best mother I could be to my baby boy. He has grown and become such a sweet, loving, and very respectful kid and I couldn’t be any more proud. I know from my teen years that things can get pretty tough at this age, I really have no Idea what the TEEN YEARS have in store for us but I have my Faith and I know everything will be ok.

So Here’s to the future and all the changes coming our way. I’m so ready for it because just like in the past no matter what I will always be here at my Little boy’s side every step of the way.


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