Tetra Pak BzzKit

Finally my recieved my first BzzKit from BzzAgent. I am so excited to try it out. Here is what my kit consist of Image

Ok so this campaign is about “Cartons versus Cans” so I received:

1 Hunt’s Tomato Sauce

4 Chicken Soup for the Soul: Chicken Noodle Soup, Tomato Basil Soup, Turkey Gravy, and Thai Style Chicken Broth.

1 Brown paper bag to donate any unwanted cans to a food bank .

So to start I filled my bag with the cans I decided to part with from my pantry and I reorganized with my new Tetra Paks. Time to get #CartonSmart.


I love how the square shape of these Tetra Paks makes everything fit together perfectly, the stackable design saves space in my cabinet and makes it look more organized. Another great thing about these Tetra Pak® cartons is that they are resealable, so you can use what you need and save the rest for later. so now its on to the next step and of course my favorite part. Testing these great Terta Pak products.. time to get cooking. First up Hunt’s Tomato Sauce:


started with some ground beef and added some Penne pasta and  VOILA…..


I have to say it turned out so delicious for a quick simple meal. The Hunt’s tasted much more fresh compared to the canned Hunt’s. I have got to say I am very pleased.

Update: As the above post was days ago and was saved in my draft and hadn’t  had a chance to post I will include another Tetra Pak Review on the same post.

I was up all night with a sick child. Not fun.. 102.6 fever all day today and would not eat a thing. So Once I finally got his fever down I decided it was time for him to put something in his tummy. What better time then now to try out The Chicken Noodle Soup for the Soul’s Chicken Noodle Soup. I have to say my son is a very picky eater and has never been fond of canned soups. I heated the soup on my stove top and served him a bowl. I was surprised to see him eat the whole bowl with no complaints veggies and all. In my opinion that say a whole lot about the product. =) He is now asking me for some more soup that is actually another first. lol So once again I am VERY pleased.


Incase you are unfamiliar with BZZAGENT, you can sign up and complete surveys to be asked to join different campaigns, receive complimentary  products and then review them on your social media. Check them out @ http://www.BZZAGENT.com


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