Where are you Mr. SandMan??????

Where are you Mr. SandMan??????

Here I am Once again 5am and still wide awake. Who is up with me?????????? I have lost my SLEEP and can’t seem to find it. Was I supposed to write, email, or text The Sandman to inform him of my move to Florida? Before my move Sleep and i had a great relationship. I went to bed by 9 as soon as my son was in bed and slept well through the night till the next morning, ever since my move I find myself not sleeping much. I can’t for the life of me fall asleep at night. When Hubby and Son are off to work and school in the morning I finally take a nap. yes I said nap, 2 hours at the most then I am up and about getting things done. I need my beauty rest!!!!!!! I seem to be sleepy and exhausted by 7 or 8 pm but as soon as i crawl ( literally crawl my bed is to high for my short self ) into bed then I am once again wide awake. Why can’t I just fall asleep? I just want to sleep!!!!!!!!! Mr. SandMan Please Help!!!!!!!!


2 thoughts on “Where are you Mr. SandMan??????

  1. Oh dear. I hope you have resumed your beautiful relationship with sleep. A friend of mine moved house recently and couldn’t sleep for the first few days. It is probably normal.

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