A Beautiful Surprise…

A Beautiful Surprise...

So I just returned from Georgia, never expected to have returned so soon after moving but oh what a Beautiful surprise. This weekend after a lot of planning and scheming my sister’s surprise engagement was just perfect.

I have always believed Jose was her  Soul Mate. High school sweethearts, life has happened, and no matter what there has always been that spark, that connection, I’ve always felt it ( I am positive they did too.. lol ). Although I already knew the plan tears of joy ran down my face when she called me to share the news. You see to me Jose has always been family, my big brother, and now it will be official I could not be any happier. That was only the beginning they suddenly decided to Elope. Saturday engaged, and Monday married. Ahhhhh another surprise!!!!

I arrived in Savannah to greet the new MR. and Mrs. once again tears of joy ran down my face ( I am truly such a softy, and emotional wreck ). Despite the last min rush and what felt like all craziness at first everything went perfectly and of course so beautifully. It was Meant to Be!!! I am such a sucker for Love stories and this one is definitely one of my favorites, second to my own of course.

It was definitely a much needed trip as well. I was missing my family badly, in the end the lovely couple gave me a gift, the chance to spend some time with my family, and I feel a little better now. Congratulations to them both, I pray that they my be happy for many years to come. Now to wait for that one phone call that will make me even happier, ” You are going to be an Aunty ” =) maybe soon….


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